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In the Washington State and federal criminal justice systems, prosecutors are filing more and more fraud cases as the level of public and law enforcement attention to these types of crimes grows. Penalties can be harsh, including time in jail and reparation.

In the state system, sentencing can be enhanced if there is a prior criminal history or previous fraud convictions. In the federal system, fraud may carry mandatory minimum sentences. The prospective sentences can also be quite high based on the dollar value alleged to have been defrauded.

Protect yourself from these penalties. Call our Tacoma criminal defense attorneys at (253) 345-4506.

What Is Fraud?

Fraud type cases can range from the forging of checks to sophisticated internet identity theft schemes involving the loss of millions of dollars. Many fraud type charges can end up in federal court due to the nature of the allegations.

It is important to remember that law enforcement officers are not on your side and certainly will not protect your rights. No matter what officers say, you will not be able to talk your way out of the situation. However, law enforcement will often cause you to believe that you can straighten things out by talking with them.

Comprehensive Solutions for Complex Charges

Because of the nature of the allegations, fraud charges can be very complicated to defend. Many times the defense will require the skills of a forensic accountant, computer consultant, or other expert.

If you are contacted by law enforcement regarding an alleged fraud in Tacoma, Pierce County, Kitsap County, King County, Thurston County, or other Western Washington jurisdictions you should exercise your right to remain silent and contact a Tacoma fraud defense attorney immediately.

Protect Your Best Interests

We have years of experience dealing with State and Federal investigators and prosecutors in fraud and theft charges. We know how to protect your rights. It is imperative that when you are contacted by law enforcement regarding a fraud or theft allegation, the very first thing you should do is to contact a Tacoma criminal defense attorney at The Law Offices of Krupa & Clark for advice and a free consultation.

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